Sunday, December 19, 2010

What is gadgets..???

What exactly is a gadget? It could be almost anything -- a watch, a pair of fancy headphones or any other small and interesting device. A gadget might make life easier or just more fun.

Regardless of their specific functions, gadgets are interesting to us, and we've been known to snap up certain trendy gadgets as soon as they hit store shelves. Even older gadgets are still interesting enough to make us stop and stare. For example, have you ever wondered what the pendulum does in a grandfather clock? Or how a tape recorder records on magnetic tape?

Modern electronic gadgets are especially popular -- people love owning and showing off the latest technology. For example, if you fly just about anywhere these days, you're likely to see someone with an expensive pair of noise-cancelling headphones. But keep your eyes peeled and you just might see someone taking their music with them with portable media centers or portable audio studios. Or -- if you can believe it -- a spoon that might even be able to taste your food for you.

Have you ever wanted to learn what makes one microphone different from another? How about what exactly happens when someone gets shot with a stun gun? Have you ever considered how metal detectors sense coins buried underground? Our electronic gadgets article library will help you find out what makes the Clover Coffee Maker worth $11,000. We can tell you what it is about massage chairs that rubs people the right way. You can find out how haptic technology is making it possible for doctors to conduct operations on patients who are miles away from them. We'll even take a look into the future to let you know how universal translators will help you decode what someone else is saying.

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