Thursday, December 23, 2010

To Ignorant Others With Netbus

NetBus is a backdoor which runs on Windows 9x and NT. With Netbus are many fun things you can do, including:

Opening and closing the CD-ROM Drive.
Do shut down, log off, reboot and power off.
Controlling the movement of the mouse and keyboard.
Closing the program.
Sending a message or text.
Computer spying "victim".
Directing computer "victim" so open a specific URL.
To run the NetBus needed 2 pieces of files, namely NetBus.exe and Patch.exe (but the name of the file can be replaced with other names). NetBus.exe is a file that is placed on our computers, while Patch.exe placed on the computer "victim".

There are several ways to "plant" Patch.exe file on your computer "victim". For example, by sending as an attachment when you send an email. If the email recipient to execute the file Patch.exe the tar file will be copied to the Windows directory (on the computer "victim"). Another way is (this is more fun) place the file on all computers in a cafe.

If successful you live NetBus.exe run the file. In the field Host name / IP address content with the host name / ip address on the computer the "victim". If you are confused, use the scan facility which will examine any computer that has been there Patch.exe file. Finish filling the ip address click the Connect button. Wait a few moments. If the connection succeeds the Connect button will change the Cancel button and after that you can do what you love, including intercepting other people's email passwords.

To get NetBus You can download it from HackersClub.

Warning :
Use this article to increase your knowledge. Do not do things that can harm other people.

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