Wednesday, December 22, 2010

VOIP phone system working

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) communications that is capable of passing voice traffic, video and data in the form of packets over an IP network.
 Communication data used in the IP network is packet switching, packet switching data path so it is used by many users and so that no one data packet addresses were given a special identity, IP.
 IP is responsible for managing delivery of data packets until it gets to the right address. Passing lane for both packet switches with coder-decoder required process ie the process of converting analog data to digital and sent via the Internet. VoIP can also be done without the internet is to create a network LAN (Local Area Network), just with 2 or more computers .. transfer activity data, video, sound on a LAN network is already can be called Voip and Voip now in manfaatan companies as saving telephone solution, because VoIP with packet switching data path that is global in nature unlike phones which we use the interlocal kl will be more expensive, because the phone at home that we use to use circuit switched data path that the data point is if you diMalang exsklusif who want to call a friend in Sampit (Central Kalimantan), indirect communication path-Sampit Malang exskulisif will be theirs. This is resulting in costs borne by the customer. And many companies now use VOIP tekhnology.
The process that occurs when we use VOIP consists of several steps so that the two communicators can communicate that is, the caller is picking up the phone and call the destination number, proxy server contact address of the caller who asked first, request the recipient to give an answer from the proxy, the proxy gives an answer to the first caller , communication occurs between the two communicators The above picture is taken from the gallery pack "Rafdian Rashid" to analog process of Voip phone

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