Sunday, December 19, 2010


Google often shut up when asked about the secret service architecture service as the best search engine in the world. But a few days ago as reported from the site Google reveals little about the origin of its server architecture.

While most companies buy servers bulit up from a range of vendors Dell, HP, IBM or Sun Microsystems, Google currently has thousands of servers and even design and build their own servers as a server assembly as we used to do when assembling a computer from perpheral sold separately .

Google's first server is a computer with 3.5 inch thick, taken as 2 units of rack. 2 processor, 2 hard drives, and eight memory slots which are planted on the motherboard gigabyte x86 processor that accompany two of AMD and Intel.

The most surprising is the source of energy currently spend 250 kilowatts to 1.160 once the server using 12-volt batteries as backup power when there are problems with the source voltage. It may sound strange, even those who had been running the system on Google as the workers were not only surprised by the architecture in the form of battery backup power that is used by google but the fact that the Google has made this a secret for several years. Even the architectural design of this kind have been in effect for seven generations starting in 2005 until now.

Confirmed on the purpose of applying this system, concentrating on the question of saving electric energy resources have been the main reason. Even with this system application like Google claim to have the operational cost savings are not small. The result of research conducted by google when compared with the use of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), battery use will save as much as 8% more efficient than UPS, which is approaching 99% efficiency. Even the use of batteries as backup power is claimed there are no energy is wasted in vain. So Have you believed that the search engines you may now use the former A run on 12 volt battery power?

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