Sunday, December 26, 2010

TIPS for Computer fast and stable

Have not you feel your computer slow? or frequent restart for no apparent reason? This is very annoying, when we work and race against the clock, er even crash your computer ... or even a virus attack and clear-cutting job file .. wah can-can not get a promotion nie. Nakut opening-nakutin yes, computers do need care in order to work optimally. Here are some tips for your computer to work mild optimal and stable. These tips come from my experience and many references in the wilds of the internet. Happy reading! Cleanliness is not just our bodies that must be on guard but must also be kept kebersihanya Computer, the computer restarts itself often because of dust accumulate inside the casing of the CPU. My friend has experienced, at that computer 2 months is not in use, when to use these computers were slow and often restart. After opening its CPU casing was dust in the CPU meets peripherals. After cleaning, the computer is stable and does not restart again. At least every 2 months, open the CPU casing and clean the dust on the fan, motherboard and other peripherals. Remove the RAM and clean the connectors use a dry cloth and wipe all their slots. If you can, remove and replace the processor heatsink thermal pastenya. Dust can cause electrical and data flow is not smooth and when soiling fan / heatsink may interfere with the release of heat, consequently the temperature increased. In fact, thanks to dust, my friend's hard drive is not detected, then the plug was cleaned. To clean the motherboard can use a fine brush and added to the body motherboards for dust disappears. Clean room and equipment around the computer. If the computer is free from dust, then the electric current flow, heat release was smooth and the results form the more stable computer.

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