Thursday, December 23, 2010

How to Get Many Visitors Blog / Web Site Free Google / Yahoo

If you want to have a blog or web site visited by the article is suitable for you. However, the quality of visitors from a visit may be less good than those derived from the search engines. Penungjung not necessarily come from the people who come attracted by the content of the website or blog. It may be that our visitor is a robot, stray people, people who can something after coming to our website, and others.

Some Ways to Make Winners Website / Blog We Without Relying Search Engine:

1. Diligent Leaving Web Site Links / Blogs We

There are many ways to leave our site address on the internet for others who are interested can come to see it. Can diligently comments on the blog, articles, guest book or forum other people as he put a link of our website. Can also diligently nimbrung in mailing lists and at the end of the message we put our link. It could also leave any message we send, send it via email, facebook, twitter, myspace, personal message (pm), and so forth.

2. Diligent Follow Social Bookmarking Internet

We must be diligent, industrious social bookmark each post our articles on social bookmarking for many people who see. Gratitude grateful if anyone is interested can just come visit. Some examples of local social bookmarking Indonesia is and Whereas overseas is,,, and others.

3. Diligent Inserting a Link to Web Directory and Article Directory

There are many Internet directories can we Leave our website address or blog us on the web that specifically describes a collection of links, divided into many categories. To our web directory to enter a brief description, but to our article directory must be created before the inserted text links us in it. If we managed to fit lots of links to the directory, then chances are we get visitors will be large.

4. Mutual Exchange Visitor With Other Webmasters

We can mutually exchange links with other website owners or blog in the hope there is another web visitors visit your website or blog. There is also a special web site that serves the exchange of visits that we automatically just put the code on our website. We have to donate some visitors from our web first to get visitors from other web. There are also obliges us to visit other web first to visits from other web.

5. Buy Instant In Visitors

Many advertisements on the internet that offer trips in a certain amount in a short time. For those of you who want the visitors who are really interested to explore the content of the website or blog, then this is not the right way for you. Because visitors (traffic) that we can just come and go just like that. Perhaps only a few are then dive into the content of our web. It could be coming is a robot, those who stray because his computer got a virus and the person who paid or given something to browse to our website.


Stay your own way how to vote will. Clearly each method has advantages and disadvantages of different. Good website content is crucial, because it only makes a bad website visitors disappointed and reluctant to return to your blog or website. If your web is good then we could be busy in their own long-term because there is publication of mouth is very valuable.

Examples of search engines (search engines): google, yahoo, bing, Baidu, ask, dogpile, and others.

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