Friday, December 24, 2010

Repair CD/DVD ROOM and Troubleshoting

Meet again with thelurunk, the troubleshooting section, this time we will explore completely around the CD / DVD Rom, the problem of CD / DVD ROM, how to treat a CD / DVD Rom though durable, etc., monitoring continues, hopefully troubleshooting CD / DVD Rom is useful.
CD / DVD Rom will not read

Clean the head CD / DVD Rom

cd cleaner
Often I find the question, Kinta kok mas CD / DVD Rom I can not read? even though I just bought 2-3 months ago, the first question I ask is whether headnya ever cleaned?, emang ya need cleaning?, yes need lah. Head on CD / DVD Rom have the same functions as the eyes, if the head / eye dirty then our vision will blurry or unclear, as well as head CD / DVD Rom, the laser beam generated by the head can be blocked by dust which resulted in reading the CD / DVD so it is not smooth. The solution, buy a cleaning CD / DVD Rom, usually equipped with alcohol, how easy life, if not allowed to comment below.
Clean the CD / DVD

Often I find that the surface of CDs / DVDs are fat or old prints of hands, this really makes a CD / DVD Rom will be broken, because the head will be forced to read the CD / DVD, therefore, before the CD / DVD is inserted into the drive, make sure free dirty and fat. To clean the fat or old prints of the hand can use the cd cleaners are sold in computer stores.

CD / DVD Rom will not eject
Ever have a CD / DVD jams do not want removed from the drive?, Of course dong, if this happens, it's easy aja, grab a paper clip, and then while pressing the eject button, enter and press the small hole located on the drive CD / DVD rom. voila, success is not.

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