Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hiding IP Address By SwitchProxy

Sometimes you need to make your IP address is not visible, for the safety of your computer network. If you want your IP address is not visible, you can use the SwitchProxy. Add-on for Firefox allows you to monitor and change from a few different proxy settings with ease. You also can use the add-on is as Anonymizer to protect your computer from outside interference.

We all know that using more than one proxy in the normal way is very tiring because we must continuously monitor all of them. With SwitchProxy you can manage all proxy that you use very easily. Add-on also provides a feature to insert, edit, or remove a proxy with a few clicks away. To use a proxy, you just need to select from the list and click Apply.

Anonymizer features provided by SwitchProxy use some proxy fruit were randomly changed within a certain interval. This feature is very useful for people who want to protect their computer from hackers or other parties.

Here's how to make your IP address is not visible by using the SwitchProxy:

The first thing you need to do of course is to download and install the add-on SwitchProxy this.

After the add-on installed, click the Add button, then select the Anonymous of configuration options available, and click Next.

In the next window, you can add a proxy list that you want to use either manually or through a proxy list. You can then give a name for this configuration to facilitate its subsequent use, then click Save.

You can find free proxy lists from this page .

To begin to hide your IP address, you must choose MyProxy from the toolbar, then click Apply. Now that you've hidden the IP address. Very easy is not it?

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