Sunday, December 26, 2010

How Restore Missing Folder without Tools

There is a simple story like this:
"My computer is infected with the virus, after I scan using antivirus, virus was successfully omitted or cleaned, but when after I restart there are several folders on my computer is missing".
"Flash exposed to the virus, after the scan using your antivirus, flash is free from viruses but why when I try opening flasdisk on another computer many folders are missing, has been trying to find the Properties Tools, Folder Options, View, Show Hidden Files and Folders, can seen but to throw the checklist on the attributes would still not be activated? ".
Of the two issues can be concluded that the computers where we work have a virus that berekstensikan. Scr.
how the virus is very simple to change any existing folder on your computer or pendrive to file an application with a doubled capacity to 32 Kb (written when we open). and when tried in the clear use of one of the antivirus vendors, the virus can be removed but the effect was caused by scanning the folders that this virus is lost.
Actually the folder does not disappear but just hidden. And the missing folder can we return with menggukan attrib command at a command prompt.
How very simple but before peeling how to restore the missing folder will we peeled a bit about this attribute.
To view the Properties attribute can be done in two ways:
1. Through the Windows Prompt
2. Through Command Prompt
Command attribute works on DOS command prompt, has several functions one
them is to set the attribute of a file if the file will be given the attribute:
-Read-only file attribute
-Archive file attribute
File-System Attibut
-Hidden File Attribute
To restore the missing folders using the second way is
through the command prompt.
The stages are as follows:
1. Click Start
2. Then select the Run
3. Then type the word cmd
4. Next will come the command prompt
5. Well this is the most important part of our discussion this time, at the command
This prompt we type attrib /? To find out a few commands on
attribute properties through the command prompt.
6. later on it will appear sederatan pompt sentence that describes
about attributes such as:
- Sign (+) for an attribute sets
- Sign (-) for an attribute Clears
- Letter R for read-only file attributes
- The letter A for the Archive file attribute
- The letter S for System file attribute
- The letter H for the Hidden file attribute
- / S for the process of equating the files in previous folders and all subfolders on the computer
- / D for the process to be conducted on the folder itself
7. Back to the Folder missing then we type the command at a command prompt is: (type this command on Drive C:> or D:> or where there is a missing folder.)
attrib-s-h *.* / S / D
8. Next refresh your computer or all the drives in our computers, the result is BAM!, The missing folder reappeared.
So now we do not have to worry anymore with folders lost due to virus attack. Scr. In fact, we can open a folder other people in the hidden .. (Hehe.. But I do not recommend you know ...) good luck.

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