Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Now is VOIP Phone era

Voip Protocol

In order to communicate with each other VOIP phone VOIP possess the same language to understand each other, for example just in our everyday lives we have the exact same language can understand each other for which we use Indonesian as a unifying language and what if we use language that kalimantan Our friends say definitely use the Java language and vice versa do not understand that people also do not understand the language kalimantan java .. well then here we have a unifying language is Indonesian language support. and on VOIP phones also have the same language to understand each other.


Protocol issued by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) provides audio-visual communication sessions in a variety of packet networks. This protocol is implemented in Internet applications such as Netmeeting an existing embedded application diwindows

MGCP (H.248)

MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol) is a research protocol the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and ITU-T Study Group 16, the definition of this protocol is based on ITU H.248-I


Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) is a set of standards that defines the message format that allows the agency sent the message format specified in addition to US-SCII, diprotokol first standard is RFC 2405 header that mendekskripsikan non US-SCII characters.


Remote Voice Protocol, this protocol is owned (proprientary) by MCK commonication. RVP Over IP is used primarily in MCK product family to expand the ability of the local PBX service using a WAN (Wide Area Network).


Discription Session Protocol (SDP), this protocol contains the name and purpose of the session, the session, media information (didekskripsikan in UTF-8 character format).


Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a widely used prtokol at this point, the SIP control signals on VOIP implementations using redirect mode. services that use SIP is call forwarding, caller line identification (CLI), basic automatic call distribution (ACD).

To make VOIP technology services we have to have a VOIP telephone product support, namely:

Voip phone device in the form of software, so without a complete telephone used on computers to make the computer as a VOIP phone, the computer also must have the supporting hardware that is soundcard as analog data to digital converters, and the computer has a headset as a medium of communication.

Ipphone is the hardware that the products have been able to make VOIP phone service, so ipphone can work independently as ipphone can be operated without requiring a computer.Ipphone equip their products with web-based graphical interface to set the device, configure the browser to determine the address of the VOIP server, if the ip address and gateway has determined these devices can be directly used.

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