Wednesday, December 22, 2010

UltraCopier, Enhance Copy Function In Windows

For computer users, copying files is a very frequent. Windows operating system already provides the facility to copy files as standard functions. The problem is the Windows default copy function does not provide many features, and just as a simple tool to copy or move files to the desired location. The latest Windows operating system too, namely Windows 7 and Vista, just add a facility to view information about the transfer process being carried out, which actually is not too useful.

Computer users need the additional features really useful when copying or moving files, for example, pause and resume feature, which allows them to do other things first while copying large files, without having to cancel the copy process is in progress.

UltraCopier is a free tool for Windows, which can add useful features to the copy function. With UltraCopier we can control the speed of the copy, the allocation of disk space, to pause and resume, change priority of the copy process, and much more. This tool also displays detailed info about the files being copied.

UltraCopier tool can be used on computers with operating system Windows XP and other versions of Windows later. This tool can also be used on Mac and Linux. UltraCopier can be downloaded for free at her official website .

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