Friday, December 24, 2010

How Disable hibernation and remove hiberfil.sys

Did you know that Windows has two modes of power management, the first is the Sleep Mode and the second is the Hibernate mode , the Sleep Mode PC / Laptop use minimal power to keep your PC / Laptop in order to stay alive, while Hibernate mode does not utilize the power at all. The difference is in Sleep Mode state of windows is stored in memory while in Hibernate mode state of windows is stored in a file called hiberfil.sys .

The function of both power management is the same, namely to keep the windows where the objec idle, so that when we need the windows in quick time, use the sleep mode / hibernate mode is a wise choice. One of the benefits of hard disk space disable hibernation is a more roomy.

What is hiberfil.sys

It is one of the many windows file system, serves to keep current state (memory) / state of your PC / Laptop, hiberfil.sys located in the root drive of Windows, eg Windows installed on drive C, then the file hiberfil.sys located in c: / hiberfil.sys.

Hiberfil.sys file size depends on how much RAM is installed on a PC / Laptop, the larger the RAM size the greater the hiberfil.sys file. For example, the picture above is the size of the hiberfil.sys my laptop has 2 GB of RAM.

Nonatif Hibernate mode in Windows Vista or 7

To disable hibernation on windows vista or 7 do the following:

Run command prompt with administrator level.

At the command prompt window type:

    Powercfg-h off

    Voila, now hibernate mode has been disabled.

    Nonatifkan Hibernate mode in Windows XP

    How to disable Hibernate Mode in Windows XP as follows:

    1.Start> Control Panel> Power Options.
    2.Select the Hibernate tab, then remove the check mark in Enable hibernation.
    3.and select OK.

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