Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Skema AVR ATMega 8535/16/32Learning Kit

how to Build the AVR learning boards with I/O interfacing modules.

Skema AVR ATMega 8535/16/32Learning Kit
Mainboard Features

Pin compatible for 40-pin AVR Microcontrollers
Single sided PCB, header for 4 I/O ports, ISP port and RS-232 port
Built in +5V voltage regulator LM7805
Onboard In System Programmer header

Download the complete file here : kit_module.zip

The zip file contains all PCB boards, and the Atmel MCS-51 main board, RTC, Dallas Digital Thermometermodule.

Any question please contact: eyulnt@yahoo.com

Updated: 6 October 2009

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