Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Christmas Decoration Project

This activity flashes 18 LEDs at three altered ante and you can use these to actualize a Christmas adornment of your choice. The ambit is kept simple (and cheap!) by application the 4060B IC which is a adverse and oscillator (clock) in one package. The ambit requires a 9V supply, such as a PP3 battery. It will not assignment with lower voltages and a college voltage will abort the LEDs.
Christmas Decoration Project
The preset capricious resistor can be acclimated to acclimatize the oscillator abundance and this determines the beam amount of the LEDs. The IC banned the accepted to and from its outputs so the LEDs can be cautiously affiliated after resistors in alternation to absolute the current. The stripboard allotment of the ambit is accessible to body but the base for the LEDs needs affliction so abundant instructions are provided below.

You can architecture your own adornment or download our Christmas Timberline arrangement to book out and cement assimilate blubbery card, hardboard etc. The arrangement has two timberline outlines on one area of A4 paper.

The Christmas Timberline arrangement is supplied as a PDF file. To appearance and book PDF files you charge an Acrobat Reader which may be downloaded chargeless for Windows, Mac, RISC OS, or UNIX/Linux computers. If you are not abiding which blazon of computer you accept it is apparently Windows.


Using a array (or ability supply) with a voltage college than 9V will abort the LEDs.

You can see from the ambit diagram (below) that 6 LEDs are affiliated in alternation amid the +9V accumulation and 0V. Each LED requires about 2V beyond it to light, so application a voltage of about 12V (= 6 × 2V) or added will accomplish the LEDs conduct directly, behindhand of the 4060B IC. With no alternation resistor to absolute the accepted this will abort the LEDs.

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