Tuesday, May 11, 2010

PCI and Compact PCI Cards Data Acquisition, Relay, Digital and Serial I/O Boards

Scroll down to access the appropriate PCI Board or Accessory. The product data sheets are acrobat pdf files. If you do not have an acrobat reader, click on the Get Acrobat reader link to download a free copy of the reader from Adobe.Acrobat Reader
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PCI Serial Boards

ME9000 Series
PCI/cPCI boardsPCI Serial Boards, Compact PCI Serial Boards. One of the widest range of choices for Serial I/O boards available today. Choose 4 or 8 channels, RS-232 or RS-485 or mixed IO boards. Select common ground, isolated serial channels or individually floating channels. Extended operating temperature range is now standard.

Download the ME9000 data sheet as a pdf file.
16 channel Serial RS-232 Card16 Ch Serial Interface Board for the PCI bus

Provides 16 RS-232 channels with full set of COM port signals. Includes driver software. Download the complete ME9300/16 data sheet as a pdf file..
Breakout Boxes
8 channel breakout boxes with DE-9 and RJ-45 connectorsBreakout Boxes and Panels. Several styles of breakout boxes and panels are available with DE-9P and RJ-45 connectors.

See the ME-9000 data sheet.

PCI DAQ Boards

ME46XX Series
PCI Data Acquisition and Control boardsPCI DAQ Boards, Compact PCI DAQ Boards. These PCI Data Acquisition Boards provide 16/32 Analog Inputs, 4 Analog Outputs, 4 x 8 bit Digital Ports and 3 x 16-bit Counters. Board family options can add functions, add isolation on all I/O lines, add sample & hold inputs etc to give you capabilities not available in other DAQ boards. Download the ME46XX data sheet as a pdf file.
For more detailed information about the ME46xx family of DAQ boards, download the full ME4650-ME4680is data sheet as a pdf file.

PCI Relay Boards/PCI Digital Boards

ME630 Series
PCI Relay Boards and Compact PCI Relay Boards. These boards provide 16 form 'C' relays, 8 TTL inputs, 8 opto-isolated inputs,16 TTL I/O lines and 2 interrupt inputs. With there digital IO capability, these boards also function as PCI Digital Boards and compact PCI Digital Boards. Download the ME630 data sheet as a pdf file.

PCI Digital Boards - High voltage/High current I/O

ME8200 Series
ME-8200PCI Digital I/O Boards and Compact PCI Digital Boards with High-Power Isolated lines. These boards provide 8 or 16 isolated high-voltage outputs and 8 or 16 high voltage inputs plus16 TTL I/O lines. High voltage I/O handles signals up to 45 V and loads up to 700 mA per channel. Download the ME8200 data sheet as a pdf file.

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