Monday, May 17, 2010

LG 42LG70 42-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV

The picture quality is excellent, the interface is very easy to use and provides more than enough connection jacks (HDMI, composite, three-way cable, etc.) for any average user, like me, no problem connecting decoders, readers Blu-Ray, a home theater system, a PS3 and other consoles.

The 1080p picture quality with the role of Tru-Motion to ensure that the Blu Ray pictureThe quality is excellent. I am also happy with the remote setup! I found that for viewing HD content, do not stop the Tru Motion optimal and, fortunately, turning this feature off is simple, fast and simple. On the other hand, I recently saw the new Star Trek on Blu Ray with the role of Tru-Motion, and it seemed incredible.

The image quality is better than other 1080p LCD TV is mine (I have a Toshiba 42-inch and 40 inch Bravia), theThe sound quality is comparable, but the speaker volume is a bit 'lower than the other two LCD screens. But I found that this is a trivial question, the volume is good, not great just because I connect the TV to a home theater system.

After all, if I just want 1080p 120Hz LCD TV with excellent image quality for use under other TVs, this is a good choice.

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