Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Heart-shaped Badge Project

The badge consists of eight LEDs arranged in the shape of a heart. One LED is lit at a time and this 'chases' round the shape. It would be easy to adapt this project to create other shapes with the eight LEDs. This project uses a 555 astable circuit to provide the clock pulses for the 4017 counter.

Parts Required
Heart-shaped Badge Project

resistors: 2.2k, 47k, 270 ×8
capacitors: 0.1µF, 1µF 16V radial
red LEDs ×8
555 timer IC
4017 counter IC
DIL sockets for ICs: 8-pin, 16-pin
on/off switch
battery clip for 9V PP3
safety pin to attach badge
ribbon cable 9-way about 1 metre (to connect badge to main circuit)
stripboard: 16 rows × 19 holes for circuit, 10 rows × 9 holes for badge

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