Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Flashing LED Project

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode

A kit for this activity is accessible from RSH Electronics.

Download PDF adaptation of this folio

Flashing LED Project
This activity is advised as an addition to soldering, anecdotic accepted components, application the resistor colour cipher and agreement apparatus accurately on stripboard. The LED flashes at about 3Hz (3 flashes per second). This activity uses a 555 astable circuit.

Parts Required

resistors: 470, 1k, 220k

capacitor: 1µF 16V radial

red LED (or orange, chicken or blooming if you prefer!)

555 timer IC

8-pin IC holder (a 'DIL socket') for the 555 IC

battery blow for 9V PP3

stripboard: 6 rows × 21 holes


Solder the 8-pin IC holder in the actual abode on the stripboard.

Break the 4 advance beneath the IC holder with a clue cutter tool. You can acquiesce added holes if your allotment of stripboard is ample enough.

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