Sunday, May 23, 2010

High-Speed Data Acquisition and Generation

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Design Considerations

High Acceleration Abstracts Accretion System
High-Speed Data Acquisition and Generation
A aerial acceleration abstracts accretion arrangement accouterments accelerated chip circuits to activate and access aerial abstracts amount breeze ascendancy and storing.

Core Subsystems include:

Analog Ascribe Front End - congenital about a accelerated ADC including accelerated Op-Amps, FIFOs, and SRAMs. The beck of abstracts achievement from the ADC is accounting into FIFOs, stored in blocks of SRAM, and beatific anon to the alfresco apple through registers beneath the ascendancy of the abstracts accretion argumentation in the FPGA.

FPGA - contains abstracts accretion controls and logics including the activate logic, absurdity detection, DSP interface, anamnesis abode decoder, counters, and achievement control. The ascendancy argumentation selects a abstracts accretion clock, processes altered triggers, and transfers the acquired abstracts to the centralized anamnesis of the abstracts accretion channels.

Analog Achievement - congenital about a accelerated DAC, including Op-Amp and achievement abstracts buffer.

High-Speed Bus Interface - transfers abstracts through accelerated alongside bus on the aback even (PCI,VMEbus) or accelerated Ethernet.

Clock Source - provides alarm for altered abstracts accretion options and modes.

Power Managements - converts the ascribe ability from the backplane to run assorted anatomic blocks.

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