Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Simple Component and Continuity Tester

This simple activity may be acclimated for testing components, as able-bodied as blockage ambit lath tracks, affairs and access for chain (conduction). It tries to canyon a baby accepted through the account actuality activated and the LED will ablaze brightly, dimly or not at all according to the attrition of the item:

LED ablaze agency the attrition is low, beneath than about 1k
Simple Component and Continuity Tester

LED dim agency the attrition is medium, a few k

LED off agency the attrition is high, added than about 10k

When not in use the 9V PP3 array should be unclipped or the crocodile clips absorbed to a allotment of agenda or artificial to anticipate them touching. You could add an on-off about-face in the red wire from the array blow and this may be the best advantage if you arise the simple tester in a box.

Parts Required

If you anticipate this activity is too simple to be useful, amuse see the table of apparatus which it can be acclimated to analysis and anticipate again!

resistor: 390

red LED 5mm diameter, accepted type

battery blow for 9V PP3

crocodile clips: miniature red and black

stripboard: 5 rows × 7 holes

Stripboard Layout

Testing stripboard, PCB tracks, affairs and connections

Circuit diagram

Connect a crocodile blow on anniversary ancillary of the doubtable fault:

LED ablaze agency there is a connection.

LED off agency there is no connection.

If you are testing a stripboard or PCB which has apparatus anchored in place, beware of accessible access via the apparatus and acquiesce for this back interpreting the results.

Stripboard circuits can ache from two accepted problems: adhesive bridging amid adjoining advance authoritative a affiliation area there should be none, and advance burst with a clue cutter which accept an about airy cilia of chestnut administering beyond the break.

If a PCB has categorical ailing the advance may be actual attenuate in places or there may be traces of chestnut bridging amid adjoining tracks.

Wires and access may be arrested for chain (conduction).

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