Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pioneering Web SCADA

IntegraXor is an award-winning HMI/SCADA software with clear animation, absolute time accessory connectivity, anxiety functions, database logging, trending and advertisement as basal functions. It is a complete apparatus for architecture adult and able real-time automation systems.
Pioneering Web SCADA

It is advised from arena up application web technologies and offers fast, simple and aboveboard development application HTML and Javascript which are broadly accepted IT skills. It uses a web-browser as the front-end and SVG web cartoon for decision and animation.

Since the aboriginal accession in 2003, IntegraXor has appear a continued way in alms a HMI/SCADA software that is solid reliable, dependable and scalable.

IntegraXor accept been auspiciously implemented in assorted locations about the world. Many of IntegraXor applications are analytical acute 24x7 operation.

Among the companies that we accept provided solutions and casework to are

Petronas - Oil & Gas

BiL - Oil & Gas

FMC Technologies - Oil & Gas

Perodua - Automotive

Allegiance - Healthcare

Bredero Shaw - Oil & Gas

Yokogawa - Oil & Gas

Standard Animation

The appellation "Animation" in SCADA/HMI refers to change of blush or size, movement that reflect the real-time accompaniment of a tag which is commonly associated to a device's status. Basal action consists of Color, Level/Bar, Text, Rotation, Position, etc. Below is an activated clear that simulates some actual basal apparatus of SCADA animation.

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