Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ethernet Data Acquisition and Control Modules Diagram

Introducing the ET-7000 series of Ethernet DAQ modules designed for industrial applications. Control from a web browser or from Scada software using Modbus TCP/IP. Support features include built-in web pages for data acquisition and control, a Web HMI program for customizing the web pages, a no-charge EZ Data Logger program, robust communication security, and IO Pair connection capability to replicate remote signals. ET-7000 Series Modules Ethernet controlled Data Acquisition and Control modules with a wide range of Analog and Digital inputs and outputs. The ET-7000 series was especially designed to operate in harsh industrial environments. Easy control from a web browser or from Scada software using Modbus TCP more info. DIN Mounted for easy installation.Download the ET-7000 series data sheet as a pdf file. Built-in Web Server Each ET-7000 module has a built-in web server that allows the users to easily configure, monitor and control the module from a remote location using a regular web browser

Web HMI Function The Web HMI function allows the users to create dynamic and attractive web pages to monitor and control the I/O points. Users can upload specific I/O layout pictures (bmp, jpg, gif format) and define a description for each I/O point. No HTML or Java skills are needed to create the web pages. More info EZ Data Logger A flexible data logging program that is easily customized for your application. Features include:
• Real Time Data Trend
• Access Database Supported
• Data Reporter
• High/Low Alarm with Audio Warning
• Does not require programming skillsEZ Data Logger is available at no-charge to ET-7000 customers. IO Pair Connection The IO Pair Connection is used to create a DI to DO pair through the Ethernet. Once the configuration is completed, ET-7000 module can poll the status of local DI channels and then use the Modbus/TCP protocol to continuously write to a remote DO device in the background

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