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switchmode power supply

switchmode power supply

A Switchedmode power supply (also Switchingmode power supply, SMPS, or simply Switcher) is an electronic Power Supply Unit (PSU) that incorporates a switching regulator in order to provide the required output voltage. An SMPS is actually a power converter that transmits power from a source (e.g., a battery or the electrical power grid) to a load ( a personal computer) with ideally no losses. The function of the converter is to provide a reliable output voltage often at a different level than the input voltage.

When mechanical shafts are rotating, a simple gear train can deliver power to a shaft at one speed from a shaft at a different speed. However, fluid power can be converted from a source with one pressure–flow ratio to another pressure–flow level without rotation by using the switching action of a hydraulic ram. Similarly, when AC power is being delivered from an AC source, a simple transformer can be used to convert power at one voltage level to power at another voltage level with low losses. Likewise, the switched action of an SMPS can convert DC power with low losses.
Switching-Mode Power Supply Design
This site is dedicated to switching-mode power supply circuit designers. Here you will find solutions to the most difficult problems facing you as a power supply designer, a tutorial that places power supply design problems in context, and resources that aid in your power supply design tasks. If you are a first-time visitor you will want to read this page as an orientation. If you have been here before (thank you for coming back), use the menu on the right to find the power supply design information you need.
Power Supplies Reference Manual and Design Guide
in the SWITCHMODE Power Supplies Reference Manual and Design Guide should ...... SWITCHMODE power supplies. The ICs for Switching Power Supplies figure
Switch Mode Power Supplies
SwitchMode Power Supplies: From Circuit Theory to the Workbench. Michael Tse ... To show how a switchmode power supply can be ..
Efficient Switchmode Power Supply Start-Up Circuit

The purpose of this application note is to demonstrate the many advantages of using the Supertex LND150N3 in the

start-up circuit for switchmode power supplies.

Commonly used low voltage bipolar, CMOS and BiCMOS switchmode power supply PWM ICs usually operate from

supply voltages of up to 18V. When the input power for the switchmode converter is available at voltages higher than

the maximum voltage rating of the IC, the voltage has to be reduced with a start-up circuit. A frequent requirement is

for operation directly from a rectified 120V or 240V AC line without the use of tap changing switches for the selection of different voltages.

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