Tuesday, January 19, 2010

BC107B NPN Silicon Transistor

BC107B NPN Silicon Transistor

BC107B are widely used "Industry Standard" NPN transistors in a TO18 type case designed for applications such as medium–speed switching and amplifiers from audio to VHF frequencies.

Low Collector Saturation Voltage: 1V (Max)
High Current Gain–Bandwidth Product: fT = 150MHz (Min) @ Ic 2mA

Absolute Maximum Ratings:
Collector–Emitter Voltage, VCEo 45V
Collector–Base Voltage, VCBo .50V
Emitter–Base Voltage, VEBo .6V
DC Current Gain Hfe (Ic=2mA; VCe=5V) .Min 200, Max 450 Typical 290
Continuous Collector Current,Ic .. . 100mA
Total Device Dissipation (TA = +25°C), Pd. 300mW
Derate Above +25°.. 2.28mW/°C
Operating Temperature Range, Tj  –65° to +175°C
Storage Temperature Range, Tstg .–65° to +150°C

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