Sunday, July 18, 2010

'DePicture' Touch-screen Tablet baseboard

'DePicture' Touch-screen Tablet baseboard BBD20EUROU is simple tablet-format baseboard for our D20 bore range. It has options for a 5.7" 640x480 touchscreen, and a Jenic Zigbee module. Standard appearance accommodate 10/100Mbps ethernet, an accelerometer, RS232 serial, and both host and accessory USB ports.
'DePicture' Touch-screen Tablet baseboard

This abject lath provides the borderline I/O for a Simtec 200 pin SO-DIMM blazon Integrated bore such as the IM2440D20. This abject lath supports a specific ambit of peripherals to accredit the development of anchored book based designs such as smart-screens or PDAs.
'DePicture' Touch-screen Tablet baseboard

Modular architecture ensures back the lath is acclimated as an integrator solution, costs can be adored artlessly by abbreviating the accidental functionality.

Simtec's charge to complete solutions agency development time for a advanced ambit of anchored solutions can be minimised. The alternative abutment DVD comes with a complete cantankerous accumulation body ambiance congenital aloft Poky Linux. This comes by absence configured to aftermath a simple PDA demonstration. This ambiance allows developers to rapidly advance in the assembly of the barter ambition appliance after spending boundless bureaucracy and agreement time.

Simtec can of advance accommodate all-encompassing abutment for every allotment of your activity our ambit of casework beset every aspect of the action from development of antecedent abstraction through to final product.

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