Sunday, July 18, 2010

Integrated Module System

Simtec has a longstanding charge to modular systems. A able-bodied advised modular arrangement allows our barter to realise solutions added rapidly than a caked approach. The adeptness to alter processor and assets after altering the I/O systems allows a architecture to be scalable and for that scalability to be accepted in an bargain manner.
Integrated Module System

A modular access agency the complex, aerial acceleration elements of a architecture are bedfast to a bore which becomes a basic in a beyond design. By amid the I/O systems from the amount argumentation the adeptness to change the I/O mix of a system, or absolutely the processing core, to bigger clothing a accurate appliance becomes abundantly simplified.

This adaptability can be approved with an example:

A chump has an antecedent claim for a low ability attenuate applicant terminal.

A acceptable approach

The chump identifies that one of our caked development boards such as the EB2410ITX ability accommodated their needs. The chump would again advance their appliance with the extensive, but fixed, capabilities of that one development board. The chump again has two options for production, either a platinum body of the development lath which alone includes the elements they crave for the artefact or a absolutely bespoke architecture tailored to their specific needs.

The modular approach

The chump selects an chip bore which best meets their processing and accumulator requirements and again a baseboard which apparel their I/O requirements. The chump would again advance their appliance in a agnate way to the acceptable access except they chump can change the bore if their projected requirements were incorrect or the baseboard if altered I/O is required. Once the appliance is accepted the chump now has abounding added options, they may artlessly accept to acquirement assembly quantities of their (possibly customised) bore and baseboard another , they can accept a custom baseboard accurately tailored to their requirements (a abundant beneath big-ticket advantage than a abounding bespoke design) or absolutely a custom Chip bore if they ambition to use an another SOC. Of advance the chump additionally has the advantage of a absolutely bespoke architecture if the quantities warrant.

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