Sunday, July 18, 2010

Samsung 2440 Module system

Samsung 2440 Module system
The IM2440D20 contains aggregate all-important to apparatus a complete system. It removes the charge for a artist to accede any aerial acceleration anamnesis arrangement elements, assorted voltage food or accord with circuitous Ball Grid Arrays (BGA). The aerial akin of affiliation agency the archetypal architecture charge alone apparatus botheration specific I/O, Simtec alike accommodate appliance addendum for networking and IDE. This leads to a huge access in adaptability and awfully bargain time to market.

This bore represents a adjustable way to use the samsung S3C2440 in an accessible to use way. The bore can be advised a aboveboard basic is best I/O designs. The best atomic baseboard which alone provided ability and sockets for the chip peripherals would still accord a absolute system.

Simtec's charge to complete solutions agency development time for a advanced ambit of anchored solutions can be minimized. The provided software ambiance allows developers to rapidly advance in the assembly of the barter ambition appliance after spending boundless bureaucracy and agreement time.

For applications with a claim for a added complete operating arrangement Simtec additionally accommodate a GNU Debian Linux Operating arrangement installer acceptance the abounding ambit of Debian bales to be used.

Each bore ships with our ABLE bootloader authoritative it simple to configure, load, and cossack an OS or appliance from network, CF, adamantine disk, CD, NAND, Smart Media or NOR Flash back fitted.

Simtec can of advance accommodate all-encompassing abutment for every allotment of you activity our ambit of casework beset every aspect of the action from development of antecedent abstraction through to final realization.

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