Sunday, July 18, 2010

RS Components Industri

How do you know RS, rapidshare, no it is not RS Components, commonly known as RS, is a global, world leading industrial component distributor headquartered in Corby in the United Kingdom. It distributes to the United Kingdom, most of Europe and Asia and is part of the Electrocomponents Group.
The aggregation was founded in 1937 in London beneath the name Radiospares affairs added genitalia for radios. When televisions became popular, television genitalia were added to Radiospares' artefact list. By the end of World War II, the aggregation had acquired into a ample civic administration company. In 1954, the founders of Radiospares broadcast the company's focus from shops and home users to the automated sector. This action was completed in the 1960s.

1937 Radiospares founded in London by JH Waring and PM Sebestyen

1947 Radiospares establishes an consign articulation with the anew founded Radionics in Dublin

1954 Radiospares articles are aimed at industry and artefact ambit is continued above radio and television spares

1967 Radiospares floats on the London Stock Exchange as Electrocomponents plc - Over 50% of sales are now to industry

1971 Radiospares changes its name to RS Components

1989 Corby barn expanded, RS purchasing appointment opened in Taiwan

1990 Verospeed, with operations in France and Austria acquired: renamed Radiospares in France and RS in Austria, RS Australia launched afterward accretion of above RS distributor

1991 RS start-up opens in Germany

1992 RS start-ups accessible in Italy and Denmark

1994 Radioparts in Denmark acquired and alloyed with RS Denmark, Distributor acquired to anatomy RS New Zealand

1995 Distributors acquired to anatomy RS Singapore and RS Amidata ( Spain)

1996 Distributor acquired to anatomy RS South Africa, RS start-up opens in Chile

1997 RS opens an added ability in Nuneaton, abacus bisected a actor aboveboard anxiety of barn space, Bounded administration centre opens in Singapore to serve Asia, Distributor acquired to anatomy RS Hong Kong, 6 bounded offices opened in China

1998 Award-winning internet trading approach launched in the UK, New barn in Beauvais doubles accommodation in France, Distributors acquired to anatomy RS Benelux, RS Malaysia and RS Sweden

1999 Allied Electronics (formerly Allied Radio) acquired. In the year, Allied’s sales are $178m and it has 69 sales offices, RS opens in Japan, the aboriginal business of its blazon in Japan

2001 Distributor acquired to anatomy RS Norway

2004 Same day despatch action launched in China

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