Sunday, March 28, 2010

Understanding Diagram Listrik Electrical Schema

In engineering design activities, maintenance or troubleshooting, it is essential for an engineer or technician, whether it's personnel in the field of electricity or in other fields (electronics and telecommunications) in order to understand or control of the circuit diagram. Circuit diagram is a picture or instructions on what components are in an electrical circuit, functions and relationships between series, so expect when an engineer or technician to understand about tesebut the circuit diagram, they would be more appropriate in designing or analyzing a series of disturbances to a circuit. In general, the circuit diagram divided into four types, namely:Schematic diagram

Schematic diagram is a drawing technique that describes a circuit using an electric symbol symbol. Schematic diagram of the electrical symbol symbol is associated with a line describing the connections and relationships of electrical components in the circuit. By using Schematic diagram, the workings of an electrical system can be observed from input to output

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