Tuesday, March 23, 2010

200 watts amplifier TDA2030

TDA 2030 is produced by SGS Ates and is a complete audio amplifier. AB class of the final amplifier cand deliver up to 14W on 4 ohm at a +-14V power supply.

Connecting two TDA2030 thru cheap power transistors we can create a amplifier wich can deliver a higher power. With the components value from the schematic the total amplifier gain is 32 dB. The speaker can be 2 ohm instead of 4 ohm if we use the TIP transistors. With a proper designed power supply this audio amplifier can output 200W.
Active components:

IC1, Ic2 TDA 2030

T1, T3 = BD 250, TIP 36

T2,T4 = BD 249, TIP 35

D1 … D4 = 1N4001

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