Monday, March 1, 2010

stk392 datasheet - schematic circuit diagram -

                                                                                              internal equlvalant ciruit
The STK392-020 is a hybrid IC for video projector
convergence correction. Since this IC integrates three
output amplifier circuits in a single package, the six
convergence correction output circuits, i.e., the vertical
and horizontal directions for each CRT of the RGB can be
formed from only two ICs.

Video projectors (both standard and high definition)                                            test circuit
•Three output amplifier circuits integrated in a single
22-pin package
•High absolute maximum supply voltage
(VCC max = ±44 V)
•Low thermal resistance (θj-c = 2.1 °C/W)
•High thermal stability (TC max = 125°C)
•Isolated early stage and output stage power supplies
•Output stage power supply switching supports high
efficiency designs.

•The input system, power supply system and output
system pins are isolated in the pin arrangement, thus
reducing the influence of the pattern layout on the
characteristics and easing design.
•Since constant current circuits are used in the pre-driver
stage, operation is stable with respect to the power
supply switching.
•The Sanyo convergence correction circuit product
lineup (the STK392-000 series) handles a wide range of
end-product classes. Therefore, the same PCB can be
used for end products from popularly-priced units to
top-of-the-line models.
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