Friday, March 26, 2010

How to Use a FM Transmitter to Listen to Internet Radio

How to Use a FM Transmitter to Listen to Internet Radio

Gone are the good old days of Internet radio when you had to stay chained to your desktop PC to enjoy the music. The FM transmitter takes any audio coming from a computer and transmits it to a FM radio, allowing you to use your FM radios as speakers.

Now you can wander through the house listening to your favorite songs.

Decide which type of FM radio transmitter is best for you. There are several types on the market that differ in size, transmission distance, power supply method, number of FM transmitter frequencies, portability and price.

Purchase a FM transmitter. You can buy them online or at a local electronics retailer.Such as

Connect the FM transmitter to its power source and then to your PC. Read the manufacturer's instructions for your model. Depending on the type of FM transmitter you buy, it may be powered by batteries, computer USB port or AC power. Most models come with the necessary connection cables. A FM transmitter USB simply plugs into a USB port of any computer ...

Locate an available FM frequency on the dial of your FM radio. The manufacturer's instructions will list the frequencies that are available with the FM transmitter. It is not uncommon that you will probably need to try more than one of the listed frequencies before you find one that works.

Listen and enjoy your favorite Internet radio music or program with the freedom to move around.

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