Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Electronics Components

Understanding the Basic Aspects of Electronic Components

Executive Summary By Eli Kahn

 To understand the purpose of electronic components, it is important to first have a grasp on the basics of electronics. Some of the main electronic components are:

Resistors - A resistor is a component that is used to resist the flow of electricity, allowing only the desired amount to flow through. Resistor strength is measured in OHMs, but since there is generally a high resistance level, the prefixes kilo(k) and Mega(M) are used to delineate the strength. The capacitor strength is measured in farads(F) and uses the prefixes micro (millionth), nano (thousand-millionth), and pico (million-millionth) to measure its strength. These components are extremely small, so similar to the resistors, the capacitors are color coded to display the strength.

Diodes and Transistors - These both deal with modifying the flow of the electrical current. Both diodes and transistors are integral electrical components, and allow electronics to run smoothly.

How an Electronic Component Distributor Can Help Your Business

Executive Summary By Yaun Hung

It's a universal fact that electronic components are essential part of any electronic gadget or appliance. A reliable component distributor can contribute positively towards the growth of any manufacturer. Quality certification like ISO etc. is another factor that differentiates good part distributors from average ones.

Any top electronic distributor will always have a vast inventory of all type of components. Good distributors of electronic components have specific team of well trained qualified and experienced technicians who understand your requirements well. ChipChecker is foremost and reliable electronic component distributor known for top notch quality and quickest delivery in electronic industry.

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