Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts Shocks The Video Game Industry

Executive Summary By Sayed Islam

 The game company known for the Madden video games and Lord of The Rings video games (Electronic Arts) has decided to purchase BioWare/Pandemic. Then, Electronic Arts did the remarkable Lord of The Rings games. Electronic Arts keeps making unbelievable decision after unbelievable decision. The future looks bright for Electronic Arts. More importantly, Electronic Arts will own the rights to MASS EFFECT!!! What does all this mean for Electronic Arts? For right now, BioWare/Pandemic and Electronic Arts are separate video game companies. January 2008 is when Electronic Arts will overtake BioWare/Pandemic. If Mass Effect comes to the PlayStation 3, then owners of the PlayStation 3 will give Electronic Arts a standing ovation.

Electronic Arts Giving Xbox 360 Preferential Treatment

An Electronic Arts representative admitted that the Xbox 360 has its advantages over the PlayStation 3. When the PlayStation 2 and Xbox first made their debut, it was easier for game developers to make games on the PlayStation 2. This was because game companies had more time to work with the PlayStation 2 than they did with the Xbox. As time progressed, games on the Xbox were as time consuming to make as they were on the PlayStation 2.

It simply means that video game companies need more time to work with the PlayStation 3's hardware. After gaming companies know how to utilize the PlayStation 3 to its full potential, PlayStation 3 will no longer be at the mercy of the Xbox 360.

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