Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Electronic Blanket

Tips On Safe Electric Blanket Use

Executive Summary By Jennifer R Scott

An electric blanket is a great way to lower your heating bills and still remain comfortable during those cold nights. Firstly, there is a higher risk of danger from fire with old or worn blankets. If you own an old model, it may be time to upgrade your blanket to avoid a potential fire. The same applies with a worn blanket.

The electromagnetic field

The range of electromagnetic field can range from gamma rays and x-rays to the ELF (extremely low frequency) field associated with most household appliances including the electric blanket.

Can a diabetic use an electric blanket?

There have been many published warnings that people who suffer from diabetes should not use an electric blanket. Again it is safe to warm a bed using a blanket, but not advised to sleep under one.

Is it safe to use an electric blanket with a pacemaker?

Areas could become bunched and force the blanket to overheat. Alternatives include a hot water bottle, an extra blanket and wearing socks to bed.

Remote Control - The Adult Security Blanket

Executive Summary By Sam Robertson

People become terribly possessive of the remote. I've seen grown men fall asleep clutching onto the remote like a toddler with a teddy bear. I once overheard someone (I won't name names) speculate on the possibility of addictive properties in the remote's plastic casing, designed to leach into peoples' skin, or emit mind-altering gasses into the air, predisposing handlers to develop an unreasonable attachment to the remote itself, as well as a desire to witness copious quantities of TV programming. Anyone who's busy watching television isn't out recklessly wasting money (even the best cable channels or satellite TV packages don't require the extravagant resources tapped into for gambling, or shoe shopping) and watching TV isn't going to hurt anyone. There's no shortage of educational shows or thought-provoking documentaries on television.

TV viewing can be therapeutic. Part security blanket, part therapist, that little remote is a truly valuable household accessory.

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