Wednesday, February 9, 2011

STR-A6000 Power IC for PWM Type Switching Power Supply

General Descriptions
The STR-A6000 series products are power ICs for switching power supplies,
incorporating a power MOSFET and a current-mode type PWM controller  IC.  The low
standby power is accomplished by the automatic switching between the PWM operation in
normal operation and the burst-oscillation under light load conditions. The product
achieves high cost-performance power supply systems with few external components.

*  Current-Mode Type PWM Control
*  Built-in Random Switching Function
The function reduces the EMI noise and enables a simplified (low-cost) EMI filter,
by the slight- random-change of PMW frequency fOSC.
*  Auto-Standby Function: The burst-oscillation enables the low standby power. Input Power PIN < 25mW at no load
*  Built-in Startup Circuit, enabling low power consumption
*  Brown-In / Brown-Out Function
The function enables the oscillation start/stop by externally rated input voltage and makes protections at low input
*  Overcurrent Protection (OCP) with Built-in Input Compensation Circuit: 
The protection has less AC input voltage dependency.
*  Overload Protection (OLP) with Built-in Delay Timer
*  High Speed Latch Release Function
The function releases the latch immediately at AC supply OFF, after the latch protection operation.
*  Bias-Assist Function, reducing Operating VCC voltage drop
The function improves the startup operation and makes a low VCC capacitor applicable.
*  Leading Edge Blanking Function
*  Slope Compensation Function
*  Built-in Avalanche Energy Guaranteed High-Voltage Power MOSFET
*  Various Protections
 Overcurrent Protection (OCP)--------------------------------- Pulse-by-Pulse
 Overload Protection (OLP) ------------------------------------ Auto-Restart
 Overvoltage Protection (OVP) -------------------------------- Latch Shutdown
 Thermal Shutdown Protection (TSD) ------------------------ Latch Shutdown

*  Battery Chargers; Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Electric Shavers, Emergency/Inducement Lights etc.
*  Standby Power Supplies; LCD-TVs, PDP-TVs, Desk-Top PCs, LBPs, Audio Equipment, etc.
*  Small SMPSs; Ink Jet Printers, BD/DVD Players, CD Players, Set-Top-Boxes, etc.
*  Auxiliary Power Supplies for Controllers; Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Dish Washers, etc

  Product Lineup

Note 1: The maximum output power is derived from thermal specifications. The actual output power may be
available around 120 –140% of the above values, respectively, but may be limited by ON duty setting on
transformer design or lower output voltage.

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