Monday, February 7, 2011

Night (dark) and a light emitting diode lights.

Night (dark) and a light emitting diode lights.
I think that can be produced easily by using fewer parts.


 Once the device for adjusting the light like fireflies.  Turning the adjustment can be variable resistors. Try turning slowly from side to side to bring the device to the variable resistor dark room.  The glowing light-emitting diode. Try moving the unit next to a bright room. If the adjustment is made completely light-emitting diodes should disappear.

 Circuit description
 This circuit has become the focus of three basic parts. CdS and the light hits, the transistor becomes smaller internal resistance is the addition of B and C negative voltage E between the current flow. So do not light emitting diodes.  But the bigger CdS resistance to light exposure and internal voltage plus the addition of B to become a trigger that C, E between the current flows, it is not a light emitting diode.

Parts required for production
 Transistor  2sc1815  × 1
 Rheostat Ω 100KΩ  × 1
 Resistor Ω 100Ω  × 1
CdS  × 1
 Light emitting diode Green  × 1
Board  Appropriate sized  × 1
 Battery holder  For single- III × 1
Battery snap Single-III  × 1

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