Friday, February 11, 2011

30-watt stereo amplifier with TDA4935

The amplifier is now offer stereo and Class B is designed with the TDA4935 from Siemens, which delivers 15 watts per channel. Can also be configured in BTL or bridge, thus providing 30 watts in mono.

His power depends on the output impedance, ie if you put a 8 ohm speaker, will be supplied with a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 32 volts for this design we chose 24 volts, as recommended in the datasheet ; if placed unabocina 4 ohms, as in our case, the maximum voltage to be applied is 24 volts. It should be mentioned that the ideal supply voltages are at least 8 and a maximum of 26, to guarantee the life of the integrated circuit.

This amplifier has the characteristic of utlized few external components, making it easy to assemble, capacitors and 2 resistors 9

At the moment we do not offer the PCB, but the data sheet can be seen both in design and in BTL stereo configuration, bridge or bridge.

In the BTL configuration you will get a 60 watt amplifier with the assembly of 2.
Parts list :
C1, C2, C3, C4: 220 nF. ceramic capacitors
C5, C6, C8: 1000 µF. 35v  ,   electrolytic capacitor
C7: 100 µF. 35 volt  , electrolytic capacitor
C9: 100 nF. ceramic capacitors
IC1: TDA4935
R1, R2: 1 Ω 2 watt
Other :
Speakers 4 Ω 30 watt
Supply of 13.5 volts
SW1: Switch 1 pole 1 position.

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