Sunday, February 14, 2010

fm modulator circuit

fm modulator circuit

FM modulator circuit diagram
he FM modulator circuit is built with a Motorola MC1648P oscillator. Two varactors, Motorola MV-209 are used to frequency modulate the oscillator

FM Transmitters: FM Modulator & FM Transmitter Circuits
FM (Frequency Modulation) refers to a type of transmission method where the actual broadcast frequency deviates slightly once "modulated" with audio input. Therefore, FM transmitters are frequently referred to as "FM Modulators". Here's some FM modulators that will allow you to broadcast on the FM frequency band.

In the circuit diagram of LM566 FM Modulator unit shown in Figure 12-1, what will be the DC bias voltage at the input of LM566 (pin 5), if no DC input is

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