Wednesday, February 17, 2010

crystal radio parts

crystal radio parts

The Basic Crystal Radio is just this much:
A coil, Variable capacitor to tune frequency, a crystal Diode and a High Impedance headphone, makes a crystal radio.  You require a very good antenna and good ground. The .001 capacitor is to remove radio frequency from signal & get audio only for phones.
In this project, I am using above circuit already, for those interested only up to this level. So that a crystal Radio remains a crystal radio in its original form. You have an option to use High Impedance earphone and listen this radio without power.
However, in addition to basic circuit, I decided to add some amplification for the very basic reasons that, it was hard to find a High Impedance earphones and second, it was more pleasant to listen to a radio thru a speaker. 

Crystal Radio Document 


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