Thursday, February 11, 2010

6V to 12V Converter Circuit with BD679 - BC547

6V to 12V Converter Circuit with BD679- BC547

This is a design circuit for converter circuit. This circuit is based on transistor as controller the circuit. There are two types of transistor that is BC547 and BD679. This circuit is a simple design of converter or inverter. This is the figure of the circuit.

This inverter circuit can to 800mA of 12V power supply with a 6V. For example could you 12V Car Accessories (UK turning into a 6V?) Car. The circuit is simple, more than 75% efficiency and very helpful. By changing a few components you, you also change for different voltages.

Electronic Part List

R1, R4 2 .2 K 1/4W Resistor

R2, R3 47K 1/4W Resistor

R5 1K 1/4W Resistor

R6 15K 1/4W Resistor

R7 33K 1/4W Resistor

R8 10K 1/4W Resistor

C1, C2 0.1uF Ceramic Disc Capacitor

C3 470uF 25V electrolytic capacitor

1N914 diode D1

D2 Diode 1N4004

D3 12V 400mW Zener Diode

Q1, Q2, Q4 BC547 NPN transistor

BD679 NPN transistor Q3

L1 See Notes


1. L1 is a custom inductor wound with about 80 turns 0.5 mm magnet wire a ring around the core with an outer diameter of 40 mm.

2. Different values of D3 can be used to obtain different output voltages from 0.6V to 30V is about. Note that at higher voltages, the circuit could perform just as well and can not produce much electricity. You may need to use a larger C3 for higher voltages and / or higher currents.

3. You can use a larger value for C3, in order to achieve a better filtering.

4. The circuit requires about 2A from the 6V supply to provide the full 800mA at 12V.

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