Saturday, May 7, 2011

Electronics Workbench a circuit simulator

Electronics Workbench
Electronics Workbench is the best circuit simulator and testing tool available.

Designing and testing an electronic circuit is a tedious job. Testing is the area where a computer program can be of help; then you will not need to worry that anything will burn up if things go wrong somewhere. Also, the advantage of using ideal components is provided.

Electronics Workbench includes all the tools needed to inspect any electronic or electrical circuit. The circuits can be simulated using ideal components as well as regular ones. It includes a library with a huge list of analog and digital components. If the component you are looking for is not available, you may create it and save it on the user section of the library. It can be done either by editing a component or creating a new one. You will find the chip makers very useful.

Version 5 is a very old one. The component library is somewhat small but it is quite enough for a beginner. The 74xx digital ICs and the general analog ICs, like 741, and also the 555 timer, DAC, ADC, etc., are available. All we need to do is set up the circuit by dragging the components including the measurement devices, function generator, etc., and click on the start button.

Analysis with graphs is available too. It is very useful in constructing bode plots, etc. The program comes with a lot of circuit examples so that you can easily study them. The Circuit Design Community on the Internet is the best source for Electronics WorkBench example files and projects.

The newer versions, like the latest one 10.1, include a lot more components and tools.Download Here

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