Sunday, May 1, 2011

Electronic Engineering

Electronics Engineer

Executive Summary By Jonathan E Richards

 The job of an electronics engineer is to research, design and test electrical components in order that electricity is effectively and efficiently utilised in equipment. o Altering the design of products in order to make them work more efficiently

Electrical engineers have access to a large number of employers from the government (defence and MOD departments), to telecommunications companies, research establishments, electronic equipment manufacturers, digital technology and automotive sector, utility companies, hospitals and educational organisations.

Salaries vary according to the sector worked in. Most electrical engineers work in areas where there is a lot of manufacturing and work for small to medium sized firms. If working in Europe, engineers can apply for status as a European engineer (Eur Ing) which provides professional recognition abroad and increased employability.

How To Market To Electronics Engineering Industry

Executive Summary By Alexander Gordon

Electronics industry is a very huge industry, and engineers, who are very hard to be convinced, take most of the purchasing decisions. Therefore, if you are planning to market your products to electronics industry, you have to be more cautious in your marketing efforts.

Engineers are interested in quality and attributes of the product. How Can You Market Products to Engineers?

A recent survey says engineers have two types of information needs:

Heads - Down Information: This kind of information provides guidelines to the engineers for fixing work related problems. It also includes information about features of products. For such information, engineers prefer using web sites.

Keeping theses differences in mind, you can plan and implement your message and media strategies. Online marketing helps you provide detailed information to the clientele, whenever the demand for it. Engineers spend most of their time in researching and fir this, they use the World Wide Web.

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