Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dome light dimmer With delay for Cars

Intro & abnegation

For all you guys out there that appetite a crumbling arch ablaze (aka address ablaze aka theatre lighting) after accepting to pay for one, you can body your own. I accept absorbed the schematics and you can body it for a few bucks accustomed that you don't accept any additional apparatus lying about contrarily it can amount you absolutely nothing. Of advance you can rip some genitalia from your TV, CD player, radio, etc., but I'm not amenable for the accident you account this way

The way it works

I won't bother you with abstruse details, but if addition is absorbed aloof let me apperceive and I'll explain in detail. For now aloof the basics. There are two stages: aboriginal one is dabbling and the additional one is fading. Back you accessible the aperture the ablaze turns on. You get central and abutting the door, but the ablaze stays on (delay stage) for an adjustable aeon of time (0-40 sec. for the ethics in the scheme, but you can calmly adapt that i.e. put a bigger capacitor) so you can see area to admit the key or do whatever you do back you get in the car, again fades abroad (fading stage) with an adjustable speed. If you affix the ACC wire (which is absolutely optional) back you about-face the key to ACC position the ablaze turns off (actually fades) alike if the dabbling date is not over (it cancels the adjournment stage).


The SR1 trimmer pot adjusts the dabbling time (the aeon that the ball is at abounding intensity) and you accept a "witness" LED that is lit during the dabbling stage; that way you can set it visually to whatever continuance you like. Back the aboriginal date ends (marked by the LED not actuality lit anymore) enters the additional date - fading. The SR2 trimmer pot adjusts the crumbling time (or acceleration if you prefer)

The angel aloft depicts how the arch ablaze about-face is usually affiliated (depending on the accomplish and archetypal of your car the affiliation may be altered in which case you'll accept to amount it out).

The angel beneath shows the schematic and the access to the arch ablaze switch.
Dome light dimmer (with delay)

Dome light dimmer (with delay) schema

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