Thursday, December 3, 2009

Light emited in December

Hooii... Fun in december, how do you do ? Create something shine. In this town, electricity become bad. cause rain, dark in some spot, perhaps the transformer need adjust in rainy day season. First I bought A litte Emergency Light made from battery and several LED white. cool i think.. i love LED revolution product. Many kind of them have sophicated design, very cool i think. Just use LED light now. Next step in End of year we celebrate with many Light in night. Create some LED decoraton, you can create "OPEN sign" from red LED with Blue LED as Border. come on, make yourself one then give me your best shot Picture of your HomeStore or WareHouse. i wait for your best electronic design in your blog. I will give you opinion. please leave your blog link in here as comment. Best regards from tropical nation in here.
thanks you verymuch.

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